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3 Reasons Why you Should Have a Company Website

There is a very valid argument that despite the rise of technology and the internet in general that most of the world’s trade still happens offline. Even with a lot of insurance companies, most of the sales come through the phone as opposed to the website.

With this argument, many people come to the conclusion that their company doesn’t need to have a website at all and that it will be a drain on resources for a very minimal amount of return. Let’s take a look at three reasons why that conclusion might be wrong and how a website can benefit you.


1.       Growing media

The internet is growing. Officially, it has been around for a good two decades, but it’s only really in the last five to ten years that it has really become quite such a significant force and quite so prevalent  among the consumers that will make up pretty much everyone’s target market.

Some of the largest advertisers and advertising groups in the world are already shifting their spend significantly towards digital investments because that’s where they see the most business potential.

The internet is constantly evolving. It is already a much leaner, faster and wildly more interactive creature than it was at its inception and the more it changes, the more opportunities there are that open up for other businesses to take advantage of. Whilst you might not see the value of a website immediately, it won’t be long before its very nature changes again and you will see an advantage to being on the platform.


2.       A storefront to the world

Anybody can see your website. Of course they need your specific web address, but your potential customers no longer have to be limited to whoever lives nearby or happens to be passing through. A website can magnify your visibility by a tremendous amount.

Getting your website viewed and getting traffic to the site is of course an art in and of itself but think of your website as an advert to the world or a virtual store that anyone can visit and you can very quickly see the advantage.

Even in the case of the example above, even if you’re doing business mainly on the phone as opposed to the web, it’s another opportunity to promote your phone number if nothing else.


3.       Additional revenue streams

You might not see much value in a website because you don’t sell anything online. Then again, you probably don’t sell anything online because you don’t have a website.

Setting up a website does not mean you have to completely change the way you do business, but it might mean that you can do some extra business. The clients that you already do business with won’t always be the same ones that you do business with online and very often, these end up being two completely different parts of your market.



Setting up a website can be intimidating, but it really is not as hard as you might think, nor is it that expensive when you are starting out. Even if you struggle, you can usually find some reasonably priced help, or maybe even a willing family member or friend to give you the leg up and set something up.

It is of course an investment, and we have of course talked before about how important it is to make your investments pay off, but having a web presence really is something that you can find pays for itself very quickly and with a little time and effort, it can make you well and truly thrive.       

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