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Generating Interest Through your Ads

We see ads on a daily basis. They are served to us in between chunks of our favourite TV shows, by the side of the road, in our newspapers, before online videos, embedded into websites and over our car radios. If a form of media or information delivery exists, you can guarantee someone has thought of selling advertising space on it.

This also means that we are all very used to seeing adverts and equally good at ignoring them. We have to be. Unfortunately, that means if you are creating an advert to promote your business or a particular offer that you are running, then you’ve got your work cut out for you to get it noticed.

Let’s run through some simple tips on how to get those ads noticed by your target market.

1)      Give them a reason to come to you

To you, your company is the most important company in the world. To everyone else, it is just another company competing for their time and the contents of their wallets.

You need to tell your potential customers exactly why they should come to you. Tell them what benefits there are to coming to you, what they will get out of the arrangement and what makes you special compared to the competition.

2)      Be clear about what you offer

Similar to the above, if you have a special offer or a unique selling point, make that as clear as possible. Don’t be overly wordy and get to the point.

Also, make sure the most important messages of the ad are the most prominent and easiest to spot. If your core message can get lost in your ad, then it will have failed to do its job properly. Before you design your ad it’s a good idea to jot down all the messages you want to get across and rank them in order of importance, then simply make sure you promote each message in the ad according to that ranking.

3)      Be clear about what you want your customer to do

A clear and unambiguous “call to action” increases the effectiveness of your ad. If you want to make the phone ring, include a demand for your potential customer to call you immediately. If you want more people to visit you, make sure you tell them to come to your location and provide an address with simple directions. Likewise if you want them to buy online, tell them that and provide a link or web address.

You can have multiple calls to action or options for your customers, but it’s a good idea to push one above the others to make it clearer what you want your customers to do. Not only will it get a better reaction, but it will mean you are in a better position to deal with your customers in the strongest way possible.

4)      Try to be different

If you’re advertising in a fairly saturated market, try to find a different way of doing it, or take a different approach. Especially if you are launching into an area where your competitors are already established through advertising, you will need something that separates you from the crowd, otherwise your ad will just be glossed over completely. 

5)      Eye catching design

You could easily argue that this needs to be higher up the list, but to be frank you’re probably not going to be able to compete with some of the incredibly experienced full time professional (and incredibly expensive) design agencies that larger companies can hire.

The design of every ad is important, but more than being eye-catching, what it should be is clean and purposeful. Try to do the best job you can, or get an agency to do as good a job as they can, but don’t worry if it isn’t perfect – there are plenty of more important things you can focus on.


Generating interest through ads is a blend of art and science. As with anything you do, it’s important to measure your results. When creating ads, this is incredibly important as those results can help guide you to further optimise your marketing materials and allow you to experiment with making what you produce work as hard as it possibly can for you.

Have you found any tricks to make your ads work more effectively already, or is there anything you’ve struggled with in the past? Leave us a comment below.

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