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Debt recovery service

From the FSB Insurance Service and STA International

To register for the debt recovery service, call STA International on:0844 324 0623


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Debt recovery from the FSB Insurance Service

As an FSB member, you are entitled to have access to our debt recovery services.

As part of this service, you can have access to the following features:

  • A no collection, no commission commercial debt collection and letter service for small claims over £500
  • Terms and conditions service to tighten up your contracts
  • Tracing service to track customers in debt
  • UK enquiry visit and report to give you more information on your customers
  • UK and international legal action support

More details on these features are listed below.

To gain access to our debt recovery service set up in collaboration with STA International, simply register with the FSB Insurance Service and contact STA International on 0844 324 0623  remembering to declare that you are an FSB member.

FSB Insurance Service working with STA International

STA International is one of the UK’s leading commercial debt collection agencies, offering a wide range of collection services on a no collection no commission basis and a 60 year history of collecting accounts in the UK and 100 countries overseas.

We have offered a debt recovery service for FSB members for more than 15 years.

Service benefits

The features of the debt recovery service include:

Terms and conditions service: This will help ensure that your business terms and conditions are effective and can adequately stand as the first line of defence in any payment dispute.

Tracing Service: Keeping track of debtors who have moved location can be a fiddly process and so this service will step in to help you keep their contact details up to date.

UK enquiry visit and report: Provides a detailed investigation and report to establish the location, status and means of your customers, preventing potential debt problems before they have a chance to start.

UK & International Legal Action: If legal action is required, the service will allow access to our panel of agents and lawyers who specialise in commercial litigation and have cost effective legal strategies when acting on your behalf.

To register for the debt recovery service as part of your access to the FSB Insurance Service, contact STA International on 0844 324 0623 and remember to declare that you’re an FSB member.

Avoid bad credit risks with our Riskdisk partnership

To further help you avoid bad credit risks, we have teamed up with Riskdisk, one of the UKs most trusted business credit check agencies specialising in giving small businesses access to company credit reports and online credit checking services.

As an FSB member, we have negotiated a 20% discount off the cost on the range of reports offered by Riskdisk for you. They can offer FSB members a pay-as-you-go service for building credit reports, options to buy multiple reports, or annual reports to help you assess your credit risk

To access this, call the Riskdisk team on 0844 871 1868 and remember to declare that you are an FSB member, or visit the Riskdisk website for further details on the service.



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